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Credentials on ECC

Download your private key and enable access to virtual machines (VMs) and bare-metal servers (BMs) on ECC.

Private key

Download your Private Key in the Security tab and save it as private-ssh-key.pem

enable remote access

Virtual machines

Click Enable remote access via the Actions dropdown menu to assign an IP address on the VM network (see topology map). SSH port forwarding will be automatically set up, for both Linux and Windows VMs.

enable remote access

VM stuck in reboot-loop

If a VM is stuck in a reboot loop and you see errors about accessing/writing to HDD in VNC console. Please don’t re-install it! Sometimes exclusive volume locks are not cleaned up correctly by OpenStack which leaves the volume locked for writing. Please contact support and we can remove the lock manually.

SSH credentials

You can use private-ssh-key.pem to access both VMs and BMs over the Internet.

Connection info [SSH IP], [SSH Port], and [SSH User] can be found in the Info dropdown for your server. You do not need to Associate public IP for this to work.

enable remote access

Last update: 2023-01-05
Created: 2022-12-29